A Better You Personalized Training offers a 100 % Money Back Guarantee if the desired results(3) are not achieved. In order to qualify customers must adhere to the following Terms And Conditions:

1. Customers must train a minimum of three times per week or 36 times in the first 90 days.

2. Customers must follow the meal plan provided by the trainer. 

3. Results are agreed upon by the trainer and the trainee at the time of

Subject to availability

Results may vary

Even if you follow the program in full, you may not obtain your desired results

Actual results depend on the individual and effort exerted

You may not experience weight loss, lose fat, gain muscle or attain the results you are seeking

Neither A Better You Personalized Training nor its employees, agents or affiliates, make any guarantees or warrants as to the results that may be obtained from exercise program or information and services provided during workout

Participants are urged to always consult a medical professional or physician before participating in activity or starting an exercise program