FBX training system is scientifically designed to burn fat, lose weight in half the time while leaving your body in a state of elevated metabolism called “afterburn.”*

“Afterburn” or what’s is commonly known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or “EPOC.” is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a vigorous workout when a level of intensity is maintained. Scientific studies show that It increases the metabolic rate for 38 hours so your burning extra calories after your workout.*

Time is precious, and we all wish we had more of it. A matter of fact, lack of time is a common excuse for not working out but as it turns out, time wasn’t the problem it was the solution.

FBX was created when I took 90 minutes’ worth of strength and conditioning and fat loss personal training and condensed it 45 minutes. 


It came as a complete surprise. Pounds were dropping… Fat was melting… Insane energy levels… Strength gains were incredible… A complete change in BMI and body composition. Benefits were seen with new personal training clients and others that had plateaued with other personal trainers.*

The benefits didn’t stop there… Not only did cutting the workout time from 90 minutes to 45 minutes deliver incredible results, but I was also able to reduce the number of workout days from 5 to 3 days a week.*

What did we discover?

We were in shock with all the continuous results we were seeing with our clients, so we decided to research what was going on. What we found was that what we stumbled upon was researched, studied and hidden away in Science and Medical journals. The journals went as far to show that FBX style workouts deliver benefits comparable to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise despite working out for a shorter period.*

The European Journal of Applied Physiology went as far as to show that FBX style training caused the body to increase metabolism for up to 38 hours. Can you see what this means?

Increased Metabolism That Last a Day and a Half!*

It’s called “afterburn” or EPOC and its a state of an elevated metabolism that is achieved after one of our FBX workouts. Let’s say you did an FBX workout on Monday morning, Tuesday night extra calories are still getting burned. That’s why three days is all you need.*

To Achieve Faster weight loss!*

We were no longer surprised as to why our clients were dropping weight rapidly. Since numerous other studies have proved that a short, vigorous FBX style workout can burn calories quickly, as much as 25–30% more calories than the different forms of exercise. Higher levels of fat burn in the muscles, significant spikes in growth hormone levels (which aid in fat loss) and catecholamine levels (chemicals your body produces to cause fat mobilization directly) and post-exercise appetite suppression. All of these factors contribute to faster weight loss than standard personal training programs.*

We Use The Latest Fitness Technology.

The FBX training program is incredible all by itself but we wanted to further improve upon it by using the latest fitness technology to provide even more superior results. With the aid of technology we can:

  • See exactly how your athlete’s muscles are firing.
  • Understand how your muscles are contributing to the movement.
  • Collect data about performance and use these powerful insights to be sure that training loads & volumes target perfectly the strength trait you want to train.
  • View speed and power of each lift in real-time during your workout.
  • Optimize workouts for Max Strength, Hypertrophy, Velocity or Power based on your actual performance that day using Velocity Based Training (VBT).
  • Help you optimize workout intensities, minimize injury, and monitor progress in real-time and after your workout for an in-depth analysis.
  • Measure muscle oxygen, the most critical factor in athletic performance and know your lactate threshold in real-time.
  • Prescribe the perfect interval workout in real-time by pushing up to or beyond your anaerobic threshold and watching your muscles recover fully in between each interval.

This is a scientifically proven approach that uses the latest fat loss techniques and technology to help achieve the body and health of your dreams.*

The workouts won’t be easy. It will challenge you, BUT IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE

You will sweat – that should be expected.

You’ll even be sore at times. To be honest very sore (only in the beginning).

But I’m sure you will LOVE it because every workout is a fun, motivating and supportive atmosphere.

Do you need another reason?

Let today be a start for A Better You.

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