Fat Burn Xtreme (FBX) training system is scientifically designed to burn fat, and lose weight in half the time while leaving your body in a state of elevated metabolism called “afterburn.”*

“Afterburn,” or what is commonly known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or “EPOC.” is the state of heightened metabolism that takes place after a vigorous workout when a level of intensity is maintained. Scientific studies show that It increases the metabolic rate for 38 hours, so your burn extra calories after your workout.*

Time is precious, and we all wish we had more of it. As a matter of fact, lack of time is a common excuse for not working out, but as it turns out, time wasn’t the problem; it was the solution.

FBX was created when I took 90 minutes worth of strength and conditioning and fat loss personal training and condensed it to 45 minutes. 


It came as a complete surprise. Pounds were dropping… Fat was melting… Insane energy levels… Strength gains were incredible… A complete change in BMI and body composition. Benefits were seen with new personal training clients and others that had plateaued with other personal trainers.*

The benefits didn’t stop there… Not only did cutting the workout time from 90 minutes to 45 minutes deliver incredible results, but I was also able to reduce the number of workout days from 5 to 3 days a week.*

What did we discover?

We were shocked by all the continuous results we saw with our clients, so we decided to research what was happening. We found that what we stumbled upon was researched, studied and hidden away in Science and Medical journals. The journals went as far as to show that FBX-style workouts deliver benefits comparable to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise despite working out for a shorter period.*

The European Journal of Applied Physiology went as far as to show that FBX-style training caused the body to increase metabolism for up to 38 hours. Can you see what this means?

Increased Metabolism That Lasts a Day and a Half!*

It’s called “afterburn” or EPOC, and it’s an elevated metabolism achieved after one of our FBX workouts. Let’s Say you did an FBX workout on Monday morning and Tuesday night extra calories are still getting burned. That’s why three days are all you need.*

To Achieve Faster weight loss!*

We were no longer surprised why our clients were rapidly dropping weight. Since numerous other studies have proved that a short, vigorous FBX style workout can burn calories quickly, as much as 25–30% more calories than the different forms of exercise.

Higher levels of fat burn in the muscles, significant spikes in growth hormone levels (which aid in fat loss), catecholamine levels (chemicals your body produces to cause fat mobilization directly), and post-exercise appetite suppression. These factors contribute to faster weight loss than standard personal training programs.*

FBX Uses Hight Intensity Interval Resistance Training

There’s a good bet you’ve never heard of HIRT.

It’s a type of resistance training that’s proven to be very effective at increasing your metabolic rate in the hours after exercise.

study shows that HIRT (short for high-intensity interval resistance training) had a much more significant afterburn effect than a workout lasting double the length of time.

Here’s a better look at the research and what it all suggests for you.

Researchers from Italy’s University of Padova put a group of 17 trained individuals through numerous different workouts.

The men’s metabolic rates were measured on two different instants – once before the workout and then again 22 hours after it was completed.

In the first workout, called Traditional Resistance Training (TT), the men did 4 sets of 8 different exercises (leg press, bench press, leg curl, military press, biceps curl, triceps extension, sit-up and seated row).

They were told to complete as many repetitions as possible in each set, which resulted in between 8 and 12. Each set was divided by 1-2 minutes of rest.

The workout involved 32 sets and lasted around 52 minutes (excluding the warm-up).

The HIRT workout was much shorter and included heavier weights and lower reps.

HIRT and the Afterburn Effect

What result did each workout have on post-exercise metabolism?

When it was measured 22 hours after TT, resting energy expenditure was approximately 100 calories greater than usual, going from 1901 to 1999 calories per day.

But the rise seen after HIRT was much higher, where resting metabolism increased by over 450 calories to an average of 2362 calories per day.

The researchers also measured the amount of fat the men were burning. Again, HIRT raised the rate at which fat was being oxidized to a larger extent than TT.

In summary, the rest-pause workout led to a surge in post-exercise metabolism that was over four times greater than the traditional workout, even though it lasted only half the time. And much of this rise was accounted for by an elevation in fat metabolism.

HIRT for Hypertrophy

HIRT has also been shown to stimulate muscle hypertrophy in a lot less time than traditional training.

In one study, a team of Brazilian researchers found that muscle was built just as fast with one rest-pause set as it was with three standard sets.

Most importantly, the rest-pause group made their gains with less gym time. In fact, their workouts lasted just 35 minutes—about half the length of the hour-long workouts completed by the traditional group.

FBX Uses Metabolic Resistance Training

Fat Burn Xtreme - FBX Training
A woman is standing with a barbell on her back performing an FBX workout.

Metabolic resistance training is one of the best, most powerful strategies for building muscle, burning fat, and improving physical fitness simultaneously.

MRT,  “metabolic resistance training,” might be referred to as “insane training.” It takes no prisoners, maximum effort, build muscle, and heave-weight, burn-fat, and absolutely insane out-of-breath training. It’ll raise your metabolism, pulverize calories like beer cans, lift your lactate threshold, increase your ability to build muscle, and maximize your body’s potential for change.

MRT is just a term covering multiple combinations of intense, effective cardiovascular and muscular training. MRT can include supersets, circuits, compound movements, speed and low rest. It almost regularly packs a one-two punch of aerobic and anaerobic work, tearing down barriers between traditional weight training and cardio. MRT might be for you if you’re tired of long rest periods and the boring treadmill rut.

What’s the deal with MRT?

MRT works by elevating the metabolic “cost” of exercise. This might sound nerdy… until you try it. Traditional resistance training might hit 25 or 30% of the body’s “change capacity. But ” MRT can maximize your capacity for change and release metabolic forces that work all day and night.

By maximizing your body’s change potential, you can improve 50%—not 25 or 30%—in only 6 weeks. Even better, MRT increases improvement across various desired targets. Basically, when correctly utilized into a periodized-training plan, MRT can help you build muscle, burn fat and gain strength at the same time.

How many calories does an MRT workout burn?

Energy expenditure during an MRT workout can easily approach or surpass 600 calories, depending on the routine. Better yet, excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) rises substantially. EPOC, often called afterburn, measures the energy consumed to return your body to its natural resting state after a workout. Post-workout, your body uses enormous energy to go from Mr. Out of breath back to Mr. Breathe-Normal. Intense training can raise EPOC for 38 hours or more, so the total number of calories burned rises quickly.[9]

In addition to increasing your body’s fat-burning fire, MRT can also improve muscle growth. It does so by increasing your lactate threshold, the point at which lactic acid rapidly begins to gather in your muscles. Lactic acid build-up can hinder muscle contraction, reducing your reps.

MRT neutralizes lactic acid’s adverse effects by enhancing your ability to buffer lactic acid and transport it out of muscle tissue. The result: a higher tolerance for large volumes of work, a vital part for maximizing muscle growth. What does all this crazy stuff mean? If you want to build muscle, consider using MRT for a short mesocycle (2-6 weeks) before starting on a longer, more traditional muscle-building routine.

2. More Muscles, More Energy

MRT should be a total-body routine that works each session’s major muscles. Since the metabolic cost of an exercise correlates directly to the number of muscles worked, include multi-joint exercises whenever possible.[3] Include more muscle, and you consume more energy.

Opt for compound movements: squats, rows, and presses will work the muscles of the torso and thighs. Save single-joint movements for the arms and calves. Train three non-consecutive days per week (i.e. Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to allow for sufficient recovery.

3. Speedy To Slowly

Repetitions should be done at a moderately fast tempo, mainly on the movement’s concentric portion (the “positive” half). Despite all the bro-science that “super-slow” training maximizes metabolic effects, studies suggest otherwise.[5] Aim to do concentric lifts as explosively as possible without sacrificing a clean technique.

Eccentric reps – the negative motion when you lower the weight – should be done slightly slower. You want your working muscles to withstand the gravitational pull on the negative part of each rep. Realize that eccentric exercise has been shown to have a notable effect on MRT-induced energy expenditure.[2]

Not lowering weights under control reduces results. An eccentric cadence of about 2-3 seconds is advised.

FBX Uses Circuit Training

Circuit training is probably the most well-known MRT technique, and for a great reason: it works! The energy cost of a circuit session has been calculated to be 7 kcal/kg/hr10. That’s about 600 calories per hour for an average 180-pound male. That’s not too bad, is it?

Better yet, circuit training has been shown to have more significant effects on the extent and duration of EPOC than traditional types of strength training.[8] All told, you can burn hundreds and hundreds of calories in a correctly-performed circuit training workout

FBX Uses Paired Set Training

A superset is two exercises performed in sequence without rest. One of the most beneficial metabolic supersets involves training agonist/antagonist muscle groups (i.e. back/chest, biceps/triceps, quads/hamstrings, etc.). This technique, generally known as paired-set training, has been shown to boost EPOC. It results in greater total energy expenditure when compared to traditional strength training workouts.[7]

Better yet, paired sets can really increase muscle force output (strength) via an event called “reciprocal inhibition” and/or expansion in stored elastic energy in the muscle-tendon complex.[1,6]

Simply put, you’re better able to maintain strength capacity on the following sets, allowing you to train at greater levels of intensity.

FBX Uses Combo Training

As the name suggests, combo training combines resistance training and aerobic exercise. This is most likely the most difficult of all the MRT methods; it will leave you physically exhausted by the end of your session. That said: the benefits are worth it. I’ve used this quite a bit with my clients over the years and seen the fat melt away.

FBX Uses Weightlifting

The metabolic requirements of weightlifting training are displayed in the high energy expenditures observed in athletes.

For example, an average caloric expenditure of 9.4 cal/min was recorded in male weightlifters during a 1-week introductory stage of training defined by moderate- to high-volume of moderate- to high-intensity lifts.[91] This value is comparable with the metabolic cost observed by high-volume circuit-style resistance exercise.[92]

Furthermore, the training type alone produced a weekly energy expenditure of 3933 cal.[91]

In another study, an experimental group was trained similarly to Olympic weightlifters for eight weeks. The result was a decrease of 6 percent body fat and an increase of 4 percent muscle.

We Use The Latest Fitness Technology.

The FBX training program is incredible all by itself, but we wanted to improve it by using the latest fitness technology to provide even more superior results. With the aid of technology, we can:

  • See exactly how your athlete’s muscles are firing.
  • Understand how your muscles are contributing to the movement.
  • Collect data about performance and use these powerful insights to be sure that training loads & volumes perfectly target the strength trait you want to train.
  • View the speed and power of each lift in real time during your workout.
  • Optimize workouts for Max Strength, Hypertrophy, Velocity or Power based on your actual performance that day using Velocity Based Training (VBT).
  • Help you optimize workout intensities, minimize injury, and monitor progress in real-time and after your workout for an in-depth analysis.
  • Measure muscle oxygen, the most critical factor in athletic performance and know your lactate threshold in real-time.
  • Prescribe the perfect interval workout in real time by pushing up to or beyond your anaerobic threshold and watching your muscles fully recover in between intervals.

This scientifically proven approach uses the latest fat loss techniques and technology to help achieve the body and health of your dreams.*

The workouts won’t be easy. It will challenge you, BUT IT’S NOT IMPOSSIBLE

You will sweat – that should be expected.

You’ll even be sore at times. To be honest very sore (only in the beginning).

But I’m sure you will LOVE it because every workout is a fun, motivating and supportive atmosphere.

Do you need another reason?

Let today be a start for A Better You.