How Drinking Water Can Help You Lose Weight

Water And Weightloss

Drinking water is believed to help with weight loss.

Up to 30–59% of adults in the US increase the water intake when they’re trying to lose weight (12).

Numerous studies show that drinking more water may help weight loss and maintenance (3).

This article explains how drinking water can help you lose weight.

Drink Water Before Your Meals

Drinking water can help with weight loss. A study showed that people who drank half a litre (17 oz) of water 30 minutes before meals lost 44% more weight over 12 weeks. (4).

Drinking water before a meal can reduce appetite, especially with middle-aged and older adults.

Studies have shown an increase in weigt loss by 4.4 lbs (2kg) over a 12-week period by drinking water before every meal. Middle-aged obese and overweight individuals lost 44% more weight by drinking water before each meal compared to a group that did not (45).

The timing is critical too and drinking water half an hour before meals are the most effective. It can make you feel full so that you eat fewer calories (65).

Further studies have gone on to show a 13% reduction of calories consumed at breakfast by drinking water before eating (6).

Drinking water before meals may reduce appetite in older and middle-aged individuals. This reduces calorie intake, leading to weight loss.

Drinking-Water Speeds Metabolism

Drinking water has also been shown to increase the number of calories burned over a period of 1.5 hours by 24-30% (78).

Resting energy expenditure has been shown to increase within 10 minutes of drinking water by 24–30% in adults. This expenditure increase last for at least 60 minutes (79).

In obese and overweight children, one study found an increase in resting energy expenditure by 25% after drinking cold water (10).

In overweight women, a study showed that increasing water intake to over 1 litre (34 oz) per day, resulted in an extra 2 kg (4.4 lbs) of weight loss over a 12-month period (11).

Drinking-Water Lowers Calorie Consumption

Observational studies have shown that people who drink mostly water have up to a 9% (or 200 calories) lower calorie intake, on average (1213).

Children should be encouraged to drink water as it has shown to be able to help prevent them from becoming obese or overweight (1314).

This was further shown in a study when 17 schools installed water fountains and taught 2nd and 3rd graders about water consumption.

The result, a 31% reduction in the risk of obesity after one school year (15).

Increasing water intake may lead to decreased calorie intake and reduce the risk of long-term weight gain and obesity, especially in children.

Many health authorities recommend drinking eight, 8-oz glasses of water (about 2 liters) per day.

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