Are you tired of unsuccessful attempts at losing weight? Do you want to workout but can’t find the time or motivation? Do you want to double your results in half the time without having to go to a gym?*

If this sounds like you, our FBX in-home personal training program is right for you.

Why should You hire an in-home personal trainer?

A qualified in-home personal trainer can help you achieve your goals in more ways than you may have considered! Below are my reasons why every person should hire a certified personal fitness trainer.

Our FBX in-home personal training program provides…

Time Efficiency

Say goodbye to having to schedule in the gym and travel time to and from the gym. In-home personal training can save you a lot of time and make it easier to fit in your workout.

Privacy and comfort 

When you work out in the privacy and comfort of your own home, you get to control the temperature, the music, the cleanliness, and the exercise without an audience.


In-home personal training can be convenient and benefit people with physical limitations, stay-at-home moms, older adults and people with injuries who have a tough time travelling to the gym. 

No need for equipment 

Our personal training programs require little or no gear. If you have your fitness equipment, your in-home personal trainer will incorporate it into your workouts. And if you don’t have any gear, don’t sweat it; your trainer will bring everything you need for a heightened metabolic workout. 

Undivided Attention

Your in-home personal trainer will give you full and focused attention, free of distractions and interruptions, which happens in gym facilities. 


Talking yourself out of going to the gym is easy. But when the in home personal trainer shows up at your door, there’s no more time for excuses. Your scheduled appointments will keep you on track toward your fitness goal, and your trainer will help keep you motivated to workout.

We at A Better You use specialized FBX in-home personal training programs designed to melt away body fat and get you lean and tight as fast as possible.* 

These FBX in-home personal training programs are created with the specific purpose of putting you in a fat burning zone for 24 hours each day (that includes when you are sleeping).*

It’s also backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. 


In Home Personal Training Prices



Contact us and book your free Body Diagnostic Consultation and In Home Personal Training Session(valued at $227).

Once the appointment is booked, a questionnaire will be emailed to you that must be filled out before the session to get the most out of your appointment.

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Training Session

A Trainer will notify you once they’ve arrived at your preferred location and make sure to wear gym clothes and have a water bottle handy.

The trainer will perform an assessment and put you through a workout.

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End Of Session

Once the workout is complete, the trainer will write a prescription based on your needs and goals, and the trainer will recommend the best package for your goals.

The trainer will create a customized workout and meal plan once payment is received.

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See what people are saying

photocollage 2017530214541757

Kevin is so great! He’s very knowledgeable and personable, not like most of the other trainers I’ve met. He took the time to understand my goals and put together a solid plan on how we’re going to achieve them. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been- all thanks to him! You won’t regret training with him, I promise!”

Alicia Gray

Lawyer, B & S

Personal Trainers in Etobicoke

Kevin is a fantastic trainer who’s great at motivating you and keeping your diet healthy. Lots of great workout variations to keep things from getting boring while the results come to fruition. Highly recommended!”

Kirstin W. Everton

Hairdresser, Beauty Basics

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I have been working with Kevin for one year and have noticed big changes! I am stronger, more conditioned/toned and have lost inches in all the right places! I would highly recommend Kevin as his workouts are fabulous. Diana, Toronto”

Diana Lovett

Consultant, Toyota

photocollage 2017530212536312

It changed my life. I still cant believe I like weight training and cardio with this program. I embrace veggies I didn’t like before. Kevin makes sure I don’t get injured but at the same time he customizes the workout to my unique health and body shape. Kevin is very knowledgeable and you can ask him anything.

Lina Qu

Senior Software Developer, OTPP

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I have had a great experience with this place. I started training with Kevin about four weeks ago and can already see results. He is attentive and personalizes the workouts according to your goals and limitations. I have worked out with 6 different personal trainers in the past few years. Kevin is by far the best, I highly recommend.”

Kirstin W. Everton

Graphic Designer, Apple

photocollage 2017530202358359

Kevin is an amazing trainer and person! My husband and I have seen big results under his personalized training. I would highly recommend!”

Alexandra Quinn

Professor, U of T

photocollage 2017530203626400

I’ve been training with Kevin for 3 months and it’s been a great experience. He’s motivating and consistent and that’s what I expect from a trainer. I’ve seen good results in this short time and I’m looking forward to the long term effect. Training has become more than exercise, it’s been a life-changing experience.”

Tammy Vinett

Lawyer, Brolly Recruitment

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Kevin is a fantastic trainer!

Jack Johnson

Developer, Uber

photocollage 201753020124915

Love it! Lots of encouragement! Kevin has made a huge difference in my life. Work with and him and you won’t go wrong.”

Ryan Christmas

Tool & Die, Magna

*Individual results may vary



Is having an In home personal trainer worth it?

Working with an at-home trainer can accelerate your fitness level forward more quickly than working out on your own.

Here are seven reasons why hiring a skilled personal trainer is an excellent investment.

1. Trainers provide motivation

Who wouldn’t like a little more motivation?

Having a scheduled session with a trainer promotes accountability on your part.

It can assist in developing adherence in the long run to making exercise a regular part of your routine.

A personal trainer can also help you develop a more positive outlook on exercise.

This is done by exploring options for making exercise more enjoyable.

Another way is by reviewing short-term progress towards goals and assessing feeling- and mood-state changes related to exercise, thereby improving self-confidence and self-motivation.

Also, if you’re paying a trainer, do you want to slack off and feel like you aren’t getting the most for your money?

Money spent is a great motivation to work out.

2. Trainers provide expertise

A good personal trainer will watch closely to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly to maximize your result and target the intended muscle group.

Your at home trainer carefully watches you and corrects minor mistakes in form as you make them.

They assure you that sometimes the smallest tweak of an exercise will change the muscle targeted, and I can tell the difference when I follow her instructions.

This is hard to do on your own or even from watching a video. Usually, most people are not even aware of a mistake in form.

When exercising, safety is the number one priority. Consistently doing an exercise improperly can lead to injury.

3. A trainer will push you just enough

A trainer will push you harder than you will push yourself but keep you from rushing ahead too quickly.

If you are like me, you work out until you feel uncomfortable, and then you modify the movement or stop altogether.

A good in home trainer knows how to push you beyond your comfort zone and when to stop before pain or injury sets in.

Expert trainers know alternative exercises if you have difficulty with one or if you have an injury to work around.

Sometimes a modified version of an exercise is necessary, depending on your fitness level. A good trainer will expertly shape an exercise for you.

4. A trainer helps you identify and reach goals

As you set your goals, they help you to attain them. Your trainer encourages you by noticing improvements you wouldn’t even consider. This is helpful when discouragement tries to set in.

5. A in home trainer will personalize your workout

Quality trainers know how to customize a workout based on your strengths, weaknesses and goals.

A trainer will also take into account special considerations (e.g. existing medical condition, pregnancy, post-rehabilitation, medications taken, etc.) when creating a program exclusively for you.

6. Trainers can reduce the possibility of injury

An injury can derail a workout program and cause so much discouragement that you could lose momentum and determination to continue.

A good trainer will help you do exercises properly so you won’t injure yourself.

When my knee began to act up, my trainer had me cut back on my running intervals and ride an exercise bike on some days.

She also pointed out that I may be developing an imbalance between my quadriceps and hamstring muscles, which can lead to knee injuries.

Since my quads are stronger than my hamstrings, she began targeting hamstring strength. These are things I would not have known to do.

7. Alleviate boredom

Believe it or not, exercising can be fun!

A personal trainer can help you select activities that you enjoy. And also, choose exercises that will keep you challenged and on track towards reaching your fitness goals.

Personal trainers have a vast knowledge of various exercises, tools and techniques that can make your workouts both fun and effective.

What are the workouts like?

I have, to be honest – it’s going to be a challenge. But it will be according to your fitness level.

FBX covers various combinations of intense, efficient cardiovascular and muscular training.

FBX will involve supersets, circuits, speed, low rest and compound movements.

It almost always packs a double-punch of aerobic and anaerobic work, breaking down barriers between traditional weight training and cardio.

If you’re sick of long rest periods and the sleepy treadmill slump, FBX might be for you.

How many calories does an In home personal training session burn?

The energy cost of an FBX-style workout has been estimated to be 7 kcal/kg/hr10.

That averages to around 600 calories per hour for an average 180-pound male.
Not too shabby*.

But remember, the more muscle mass you build, the more energy your body consumes at rest. That’s why lifting weights to build lean muscle should be at the top of your priority list, despite your physique goals.

How many times a week should you see a personal trainer?

For the most beneficial results possible, you need to come a minimum of 3 times per week.

Three times per week seems to be the “magic number” for the most benefit.

Training for Fat Loss

If you aim to lower body fat, you should be exercising three to five times a week.

One to two of your PT sessions should focus on resistance training to increase muscle mass. The remaining of your training sessions should concentrate on cardiovascular exercise.

These sessions can include circuit training and exercises that alternate between numerous intensities.

For instance, you can make Monday and Wednesday resistance training days with the other three days of the week assigned to cardio.

Lean Muscles

Working out twice a week is fine if you’re looking to maintain the muscle mass you’ve already built.

Still, if building those muscles is your goal, you may need to rethink your current exercise program.

The Newbie

If you haven’t exercised in a long time or have never worked out before, make meeting your trainer two to three times a week a priority.

This type of regularity ensures that you are developing the proper form when exercising, prioritizing your fitness as a commitment, and working out enough to see progress.

Since muscle memory is dominant, you don’t want to develop bad habits when you’re in the gym on your own. These bad habits can hinder your results and lead to severe injuries.

Scheduling regular training sessions also eliminates any excuses for not going.

After two or three months of working out regularly with your trainer, you might choose to reduce the number of sessions or shift focus to different goals or styles of training.

The most important thing is that you feel confident about your decision.

Training for an Event

If you’re training for an upcoming event, building muscle, strength, and flexibility targeted for the event is critical.

Training with a personal trainer in the weeks before the event prepares you both mentally and physically.

Depending on your current levels of fitness, your trainer will recommend several training sessions to help you achieve your goals.

For instance, if you’re training for an endurance road race, you may have three to four days of running with one to two days of gym work, which could be a mix of weightlifting and light cardio.

However, if you’re training for something like a Tough Mudder or Spartan, then the focus of your sessions should be adjusted accordingly.

How much time does it take to see results from personal training?

The results you’ll see with an In-home trainer depend on the time invested per week and the goals themselves.

While outstanding results in muscle mass and fat loss could take up to four weeks, most people see an improvement in motivation, enthusiasm and energy from the start. On average, you’ll lose 1 to 2 pounds weekly, seeing striking results in three to six weeks*.

As with resistance training, your trainer may suggest foods related to fat loss that can help you attain your goals quicker

How much does an In home personal trainer cost?

For one on one personal training at home, the personal training sessions cost $65 to $95 or more hourly.

We also offer couple’s personal training so have your friend or partner improve the efficiency of your workouts by making them more fun and dynamic.

The couple’s personal trainer prices range from $85 to $105 per session.

So if you want that dream body from the comfort of your home, fill out the form below, and we will contact you ASAP!

*Individual results may vary