Are you intimidated by large gyms? Are you motivated to workout but don’t know where to start? Have you failed to achieve your weight loss and fat loss goals? An online fitness coach might be the answer to your problems if this sounds like you.

Is Online Personal Training for You?

Today’s community is more health conscientious than ever before. Nevertheless, not everyone has incredible kinesthetic awareness. 

Kinesthetic awareness is understanding where your body is in time and space. 

If you don’t have it, you, like numerous others, are most likely considering hiring a personal trainer

When people look into hiring an Online Fitness Coach, they learn the options and decisions to hire one can be overwhelming. 

Who is the Best Personal Trainer

Does the trainer’s schedule work with your schedule? 

Do you travel a lot for work? 

Do you have a gym membership already but want to hire a trainer that can’t train in your gym due to the facility’s rules about outside trainers? It can all leave your head spinning!

Fortunately, we have an online personal training app

How do you know if online personal training is for you? Check out these tips to learn more about the fastest-growing trend in the fitness industry.

Let’s Face it; Cost Can Be A Factor.

I’ve been a personal trainer for 15 years, and sometimes price has been a deterrent for some of my clients who need to train more frequently.

My clients understand the benefits of hiring an elite personal trainer. Still, one-on-one sessions aren’t in the budget three times a week. 

Online personal training allows my clients to train more frequently by having me in their pocket when they go to the gym on their own.

Your online fitness coach develops your exercise program with online training. 

You get all the same expertise, but the workouts are designed and written on an app. 

The cost of your month of exercise programs will cost you about the same as 1 – 2 in-studio sessions. The cost will depend on how long you decide to train, and our prices range from $100 to $200 per month.

Now you can work with your favourite fitness professional without breaking the proverbial piggy bank!




  • Customized FBX training programs 
  • Personalized Nutrition Plan
  • Check-ins and resources for nutrition and lifestyle
  • Access your coach, training programs, exercise demos, workout logs, etc., through our Online Training app.
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Mobile app notifications provide you reminders for workouts and check-ins.


We keep you engaged through messaging and reminders

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Receive your own meal plans (in PDF format).


We track client nutrition through the Fitbit or MyFitnessPal app integrations.


We provide a holistic approach to training by impacting nutrition habits

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Choose The Right Plan For You



See what people are saying

Kevin is so great! He’s very knowledgeable and personable, not like most of the other trainers I’ve met. He took the time to understand my goals and put together a solid plan on how we’re going to achieve them. I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been- all thanks to him! You won’t regret training with him, I promise!”

Alicia Gray

Lawyer, B & S

Personal Trainers in Etobicoke

Kevin is a fantastic trainer who’s great at motivating you and keeping your diet healthy. Lots of great workout variations to keep things from getting boring while the results come to fruition. Highly recommended!”

Kirstin W. Everton

Hairdresser, Beauty Basics

I have been working with Kevin for one year and have noticed big changes! I am stronger, more conditioned/toned and have lost inches in all the right places! I would highly recommend Kevin as his workouts are fabulous. Diana, Toronto”

Diana Lovett

Consultant, Toyota

Kevin has been a true inspiration and an incredibly humble trainer…that kicks ass!!! I reside in the Etobicoke area and have been testing the trainer/gym waters for 2 years, wanting something close to home. After reading reviews and doing my research I thought it about time to ‘interview’ Kevin and A Better You…..well, I stayed for a session and have not looked back.

This guy, and his facility, knowledge, gets a 5 star from me. He’s a true gem!”

Leslie Thompson

Developer, Apple

Kevin is an amazing trainer and person! My husband and I have seen big results under his personalized training. I would highly recommend!”

Alexandra Quinn

Professor, U of T

I have been going here several times a week for the last 2 years. The gym is incredibly clean, and Kevin is amazing! He’s professional and gets the results you’re looking for, no matter your goals. I would highly recommend! If I could give 10 stars, I would!”

Brenda Kim

Management, League

I started working with Kevin in June and he helped educate me on the habits that had contributed to weight gain despite high levels of activity. Over 6 months I’ve lost 47 pounds by applying and sticking to the plans he built for me. I’ve recommended him to several people and will continue to do so because of the results and how he helps make a lifestyle change sustainable over the long-term. Trust me, he’ll get you where you want to go if you follow through on his instructions! Thanks, Kevin!”

Aleksandra Lobov

Administrative Assistant, TDSB

I trained with Kevin and he’s simply the best! He’s an expert in his craft and also leads by example. The studio is very clean and not overcrowded (which I prefer) I was happy with my results as I lost a lot of inches and built some muscle according to my body type. Nutrition options are available. However, if you really want a next-level look at food benefits…he’s your man. Bottom line, if you put in the work, he will lead you to success!”

Karen Defina

Customer Service, Google

Love it! Lots of encouragement! Kevin has made a huge difference in my life. Work with and him and you won’t go wrong.”

Ryan Christmas

Tool & Die, Magna

*Individual results may vary


An Online Fitness Coach Helps With Life’s Fast-Paced Schedule Frustrations

I’m the first to tell my clients that when they start to live a healthy lifestyle, making workouts a priority has got to be at the top of your list.

 Poor health due to inactivity and poor diet has become a crisis in North America, and you must put your health first. Health is your wealth because, without health, your best-laid plans won’t be achievable.

Despite your best efforts, meetings, business trips, or crazy shift work can make booking appointments with your personal trainer frustrating and sometimes impossible. 

Online personal training allows you to train where and when you want! 

Our online personal training apps have internal messaging.

Internal messaging allows your online fitness coach to guide you and give motivation and support through questions asked and answered in the app.

Your online fitness coach allows you to have a butt-kicking workout anywhere and any time of the day. 

Take charge of your workouts and place them where they work in your schedule.

Online Personal Training Provides Expert Advice Anyplace You Train at any Anytime.

Get a customized online training program That Helps Burns Twice The Fat,

Gets You Fit And Challenges Your Body

Every Time*

Our FBX online workouts are scientifically designed to burn fat in the shortest time possible while helping you achieve your goal.*

With the addition of the Beast Sensor, we can monitor your completion and optimize workouts based on actual performance.

Personalization is crucial to getting the best possible benefits, which is why our workout programs are customized to fit your goals and fitness level.

Technology has transformed our world by making knowledge and access to services accessible at the touch of a fingertip. 

Many authorities are now making knowledge or advice readily available with the ability to decrease costs through mass production.

Technology has provided an online fitness coach to use video cueing. 

With the help of video cueing, even when your client isn’t with you, they can constantly refer back to guarantee proper form for each exercise in their plan. 

Many apps also possess real-time messaging, suggesting you can still message your trainer for additional help when all else fails. 

It’s ideal for clients with kinesthetic awareness problems as they can read, watch, and, if all else fails, they have the assistance of a live coach for help.

You’ll get the following:

Customized Online Training Plan

Track Stats And Workouts

Meal Plan Option

 In-app Messaging With Your Fitness Coach

Workouts With Video And Instruction

Follow Your Progress

Connect To Fitness Apps And Devices

Online Fitness Coach

Plain and Simple – Accountability Creates Results

Frequently people seek a certified personal trainer only to pick a free online training app. 

The issue with the free apps is that they explicitly provide a “cookie-cutter” program that isn’t for you and your needs. 

While these apps work for some people, who already have fitness experience and are self-motivated, they aren’t for everyone. 

Most people favour having someone in their corner to communicate with when they need a little extra guidance or adaptations to their programs. 

It’s also helpful to have a cheerleader in your corner for days when the motivation isn’t there.

Research has revealed that people who have regular contact with an online personal trainer have a much higher chance of continuing to exercise regularly than those who aren’t regularly accountable to someone. 

Amidst the needs of our restless modern lifestyles, long-term commitments like fitness and health can often appear like chores. 

We’ve all had that time when we know we must report to an authority figure about what we have accomplished. 

Most people like to have great things to report to get praise.

One Final Thought

You finally chose to make this your time to achieve a better fitness level so you can be your best you! 

If you aren’t sure what would work best for you – online or in-home training, then ask yourself these questions before leaping:

1) Do I have experience with working out with weights?

2) Do I have pure kinesthetic awareness (how well do I know how to move my body efficiently)?

3) Do I have health difficulties or injuries?

4) Do I have postural misalignments that require additional help?

As with anything else in life, if you are doubtful or hear the warning bells going off in your head, stop! 

You may want to book personal training sessions in a studio or at home to get comfortable with yourself and the equipment.

Pre-existing injuries or health problems also require extra guidance and knowledge, which may mean for your safety, a personal trainer by your side would initially be a more suitable choice for you. 

Stay in a studio or home with a trainer until you have rehabilitated your injuries. Make sure to obtain a clean bill of health from your doctor. 

You can go to online training once your health professional permits you to work out independently. 

The same goes for many people who have more than simple postural misalignments.

Online personal training might be the answer for a hectic lifestyle or lack of funds getting in the way of becoming fitter. 

Online personal training can provide you with the expertise, support, and motivation you’re looking for at an affordable price. 

Life can be full of obstacles; just don’t let finding a great online fitness coach be one of them. Remember, health, in the end, is our wealth.


Does online personal training work?

Online training does work, but it’s not for everyone. Usually, I recommend it to experienced exercisers who won’t get lost in the gym and won’t lose motivation without the direct accountability of someone watching them.

Are our online fitness programs worth it?

Though online personal training is not for everyone, online training is not for people who need to learn resistance training fundamentals. They are not there to ensure you’re performing the exercises correctly and safely. Simply put, online personal trainers are worth it if you have some exercise experience.

What’s different about A Better You Online Training?

Most online fitness coaches (fitness experts) use cookie-cutter programs and meal plan templates. That results in the same program for everyone—regardless of age, experience, or goals.

But at A Better You, everything from the nutrition plan to the exercise program is based on our FBX training system. Each program is customized to our client’s schedules, lifestyles, and personal preferences. That kind of detail to personalization is why spots are limited.

What does an online fitness coach do?

An online personal trainer can help you attain your health and fitness goals in your home, gym, or other personal space. We specialize in physical transformations and use our FBX training program, nutritional changes, and mindset improvements to help you reach your goals.

Are our online fitness coaches worth it?

Online personal training is much more flexible when it comes to time. You can schedule meetings around your daily schedule without leaving the house. Online coaches are typically more cost-effective than one on one Personal training. If used right, they can support you throughout your journey to reach your fitness goals.

What’s the cost of an Online Fitness Coach?

The cost of an Online Fitness Coach is $150 to $300 per month. This includes everything you need to achieve your goals: your FBX training program, customized diet plan, and weekly coach interaction.

Remember: We don’t do cookie-cutter plans at A Better You. Instead, everything is customized for your body, goal, and schedule. This attention to detail and personalization is how we’ve been able to help numerous people get the body they want.


Once you sign up for A Better you, you will receive an email from us; this will direct you to our questionnaire page. We can start to piece together your personalized FBX workout plan from the information we receive.


After the initial program design and communication, you must submit feedback to us through your account in the app every week. This weekly feedback and support will guarantee your journey on the path to success.


Everyone is different, and so are FBX training programs. Both your program and nutrition are unique to you and your goals. Every part of the program is designed to ensure you have an evidence-based program based on your goals.

Does an Online Fitness Coach Track My Progress?

Along with weekly feedback, there is a measurement and weigh-in every four weeks. This check allows us to see how you are progressing and what changes may need to be made to maximize your next four-week block.


As it is a fully custom program, there are no equipment requirements; we can create a plan around what you have access to. Specific goals may require access to equipment, but if a full gym isn’t possible for you, we can still make your plan work.


You don’t have to work out every day to achieve excellent results. The plan will work around how much time you have. We will recommend optimum training frequency, but the program will work to your lifestyle schedule.


Once signed up, the ingredients to create the tasty recipes are the only thing left to buy. You will learn to cook and prep large cost-effectively and get results you didn’t think possible with the food you’ll enjoy.


You will receive your plan within 1 to 2 working days of completing your online questionnaire. This time allows us to work on your customized plan and ask you any further questions.

What’s the time commitment?

Because your nutrition and online personal training program are customized for you and your lifestyle, the time commitment is determined by your goals and schedule.

If you want to exercise four days a week, we’ll work with that. We’ll make it work if you can only exercise once per week.

Once in A Better You Fitness Coaching, you’ll work directly with your fitness coach to get the best program for your body and schedule.

Can you work around injuries?

Yes. Many people come to us with irritating shoulder, knee, or lower back issues. We’ll not only help you “work around it but” give you ways to fix whatever problem you’re dealing with.

And if we presume you’d be better off getting medical help for your injury, we recommend you do that.

When can I expect to see results?

When you will see the results is entirely personal. It depends on your goals, current lifestyle, dedication and how much work we need to do together. If you try to find a “quick fix, ” this isn’t for you.

We want you to be successful and want to help you in both the short and the long run. That means lasting results. Although we’d love to be able to give you a definite answer, here’s what we can say with complete confidence:

If you follow your FBX program to the best of your ability, you WILL get results with A Better You Fitness Coaching. We guarantee it.

Most of our clients hit their goals, and we offer a money-back guarantee.