Should You Hire A Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

If you were ever thinking should I hire a personal trainer. Here are some reasons why this might be your best option. From motivation to helping you reach your fitness goals and figuring out how to exercise safely with a medical condition. Learn why hiring a personal trainer could be one of the smartest investments you can make to enhance your life.

But before I get into that I am going to address one question that might be on your mind.

Will I get better results if I hire a personal trainer?

In a well-known study at Ball State University in Indiana, researchers put 20 men into two groups. They both performed identical resistance-training programs for 12-weeks. The groups were of the same fitness level when they started, and they did the same exercises, reps, sets, with the same amount of rest.

At the end of the study, when they compared both groups. The group with the personal trainer had gained 47 percent lower and 32 percent more upper body strength than the non-supervised group. 

Since both groups started at the same level. It seems the presence of the trainer motivated the group to reach for higher goals.

Another study looked at women who trained on their own. It showed that the women would use 42 percent of their one-rep max for a 10-reps on average. Meanwhile, when looking at women who used trainers. They found that they would choose weights averaging 51 percent of their one-rep max for the same amount of reps.

The latest study compared two groups of 100 volunteers who began a 12-week resistant-training program. One group was supervised by a personal trainer for every five athletes. While the other by a trainer for every 25 athletes.

The results were similar to previous studies. The supervised group achieved better results. The group with the most supervision improved their bench press by 16 percent. While the group with less attention improved by only 10 percent.

These studies show some of the advantages of working with a personal trainerPersonal trainers provide motivation,  structure and accountability.

What does the public have to say about their experience with a personal trainer?

To figure this out, there was a study conducted to see consumer’s perception of personal trainers.  The study showed that an impressive 83 percent of people that used a personal trainer were satisfied with the results. It also showed the determining factor in choosing a personal trainer was the experience. Furthermore, a fit appearance was very important as well.

A second study to answer this question investigated the attitudes of female clients toward personal trainers. It showed the reason why they hired and stayed with a personal trainer was out of frustration with their bodies. The desire to get assistance with motivation for adherence to an exercise regimen was another factor.

When selecting a Personal trainer, they wanted a trainer who demonstrates that they could help their clients achieve results. Also, whose own physical appearance is toned and fit. A personal trainer that showed empathy for their clients was another factor. As a result, they chose female trainers for this.

The reasons a client stayed with a particular personal trainer was because of social and interpersonal skills. The passion for their profession and the ability to focus full attention on the session. Along with the ability to help the client achieve the desired results.

To Sum it all up 

If you’re looking for a proven method to help you achieve your goals. If you lack motivation and commitment to an exercise program.  Personal training in Toronto may be the best option for you,

Call or email today and I’ll get you started on an exercise program that will turn the process into a rewarding adventure.

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