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What Is Virtual Personal Training?

What is virtual personal training


It’s not an understatement to say that COVID-19 has changed how we live our lives.

That also includes how we exercise because gyms and personal training studios are closed for the foreseeable future. Some people have gone all out on spin bikes. Others have hit the pavement and started running, while others use workout apps.

Although these are great options, nothing comes close to working with a personal trainer. But due to social distancing meeting up with a trainer in person isn’t an option right now. The personal training industry has had to adjust and take sessions virtually. But don’t think this will be a glorified conference call. A virtual personal training session will have you squatting, lunging and performing the occasional burpee.

Virtual personal training isn’t anything new, though. Personal trainers have been training people from around the world remotely for quite some time. What is new is that this is the only way to work with a personal trainer right now.

If you’re interested in learning what working with a virtual personal trainer consists of, keep reading to learn about benefits, costs, and tips on finding the right Trainer for you.


Here’s a summary of what you need to know!

  • Virtual Personal Sessions are still one-on-one, appointment only, LIVE with a Personal Trainer, and always using our FBX Training System.
  • The price of Virtual Sessions is the same, as the value of the session is the same.
  • The workout can be as intense as in-person sessions, depending on your Trainer’s customized program for you.
  • You don’t need much space or equipment; however, we can and will work with what you do have.
  •  Working out with Youtube videos, magazines, and manuals is better than nothing, but they cannot match the training you receive from a Trainer. Your one-on-one sessions will always provide more value for you than a video or magazine ever could.
  •  If you have an existing injury or condition, we can customize the workout, and you get the most out of your sessions.

How It’s Like to Work Out With a Virtual Personal Trainer?

Quarantine Workout

Here at A Better You, Many of our clients have seamlessly incorporated our new Online Virtual Workouts with their Trainers into their “quarantine life” so that they continue to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, others still struggle to find a routine without a trainer in person. Some may think it’s impossible to get a quality workout at home without their Trainer, and others might not quite get how it works.

We’ve developed an innovative way to provide you with the same effective FBX workout you can access from anywhere.

In this article, we will lay out what you need to know about Virtual Personal Training, and hopefully, you can determine if it is the right fit for you.

Have you gotten stuck waiting for things to “get back to normal” to pick up your workout routine again?

Perhaps you’re skeptical about whether you can get an excellent workout if you’re not working with a trainer in person.

Right now, you might still have many questions about what Virtual Personal Training is and if it’s right for you. We’ll inform you on everything you need to know about Virtual Personal Training, including:

  • Virtual compared to In-person sessions: What you get in a Virtual Session and compare it to your workouts with a trainer in person.
  • Effectiveness: The intensity level and effectiveness of FBX strength workouts performed without a trainer present at home.
  • Equipment & Space: How much workout space and what type of equipment is required to complete Virtual Workouts.
  • Time Commitment: How often you should perform Virtual sessions and how long the workout should last.
  • Working out on your own: The difference between working out by yourself with Youtube instead of getting coached by a Trainer.
  • Injuries and Conditions: How you can benefit from Live Online Virtual Training, despite injuries or conditions.

What is a Virtual Personal Training Session?

Virtual Personal Training Workout

Our Virtual Personal Training sessions have similarities to our in-home workouts. What’s the same?

  • We use the same FBX training method as always.
  • The purpose of each exercise is to take your muscle out of their comfort zone.
  • We demonstrate the proper form & technique for each exercise.
  • You get personalized coaching from a Certified Personal Trainer.
  • The workout is tailored to your goals and abilities.
  • Clients should perform the workouts for 45 minutes twice a week minimum.

What’s different?

 The experience. Since we can’t be there in person, We work with whatever equipment you currently have, even if that’s just your own body, and we utilize the space you have at home.

The Benefits of training with a virtual personal trainer

Workout at home

The benefits of training with a virtual personal trainer are the same as working with a personal trainer in person (1).

Reduce The Chance Of Injury

When you’re working out, no matter what type of exercise you’re doing, injury prevention is incredibly important, and a trainer helps with that. During your session, a trainer will ensure that your workouts are safe and tailored to your fitness level to avoid injury and see progress.


When trying to stay consistent with a goal, there needs to be a way to be kept accountable, and that’s what personal training brings. When you have a personal trainer, you are less likely to find an excuse not to work out. They motivate you every step of the way, and that’s only part of the battle.

Eliminate the guesswork and get results.

One of the most important benefits of working with a trainer, in person or virtually, is the results they help you achieve. A trainer will perform a full evaluation and get to know your background and goals. A personal trainer will then develop a program for you to achieve those goals as efficiently as possible.

It makes training more convenient.

Last but not least, when you work out with a virtual personal trainer, there’s no commute, making it easier to squeeze into your schedule. You can roll out of bed, put on your favourite workout clothes, and be ready to train within minutes.


How to find the right virtual Personal Trainer

Look at their credentials.

Getting along with your Personal Trainer is essential, but you also want someone who has legit credentials, so make sure your Trainer is certified and has several years of experience. Reputable trainers will have testimonials on their websites or social media.

Do Virtual Personal Training Sessions cost the same as In-Person sessions?

Yes, and that’s because training at home virtually isn’t any less valuable than working out with a trainer in person.

 Our one-on-one training sessions’ value is that you’re working with a Certified Personal Trainer. Our specialized FBX training system can be tough to perform on your own. 

 We believe in the value of our coaching as an essential part of your success. Whether it’s in person or via live video sessions, working with a coach is the key to your success.

What’s the cost of working with a virtual personal trainer

With a personal trainer, you’re getting valuable 1-on-1 attention so that it will be a bit pricier than, say, a Bootcamp. The cost will vary depending on the number of sessions purchased.

On average, trainers charge $60-$95 per live session, and on the higher end, you are probably looking at $100-$150 per live session.”

Is the workout just as intense?

The incredible thing about our Virtual Sessions is that they are customizable. In-person workouts are customizable too, but our Virtual Sessions require a high level of creativity to provide you with a specific FBX program based on your goals, limitations, and available equipment.

 Your Trainer works hard behind the scenes to make your workouts as perfect as possible, which may surprise you with how intense it is.

Do I need any equipment?

Workout without equipment

No equipment? No problem! If you’re skeptical about whether or not a bodyweight workout can be challenging or effective, give this a try:

Try doing a squat right now using a 10-second slow-motion method.

 Lower yourself slowly for 10 seconds down and then push for 10 seconds standing up.

 Make sure not to lockout your legs or rest in between repetitions.

 Maintain perfect form, remember to breathe and focus on the muscles being used.

Not so easy, is it?

Any strength training exercise, including bodyweight exercises, has the potential to be incredibly effective.

Although knowing how to perform the exercises correctly and doing them safely until muscular failure is essential, it’s not easy to achieve it. That’s why having a Trainer is vital to ensure you’re doing these exercises safely and not giving up before muscular failure, which is a critical point.

We’ve trained clients with kettlebells, dumbbells, resistance bands and just their bodies! We will get as creative as needed.

What if you only have a little space to workout?

Most of the exercises we perform require little to no space.

All that is required is a space that can fit the length of your body. If more space is needed, we can always make more space! Objects like chairs and coffee tables are moveable, and if you’ve been training with us, you’ve got the muscles to move them!

Can I watch YouTube and workout at home?

There are tons of workouts on youtube to choose from.

But watching free videos or following one-size-fits-all routines will never get you the same results (and ensure your safety!) as working with a trainer.

If those video workouts were as effective, you’d probably be doing them already.

Videos, magazines and guides can be useful in a pinch. But you don’t get a customized approach. You don’t have someone entirely focused on seeing if you’re doing an exercise correctly, doing it safely. A video doesn’t know your goals, limitations and injuries Your Trainer does.

There’s no way watching a video will ever be as beneficial as working with a coach in a live, virtual personal training session. Think about how hard you are pushed when working with your Trainer– it’s always more than you thought you could do! Know that a video will not provide that same kind of effort and the same results.

Can I do Virtual Sessions with an Injury, condition, or joint replacement?

Absolutely. If you have a Certified Personal Trainer watching you, coaching you and correcting your form to ensure your safety.

We work around an injury so that anyone can perform our workouts. Many of our clients have come to us with an existing injury or condition, pre or post-surgery, and we’ve been able to help them work out just as effectively. 


The downside of working with a personal trainer virtually versus in-person

Online workout at home

Doing things face-to-face is always lovely, but working with a personal trainer virtually really isn’t much different from an in-person session. The main downsides are that the Trainer doesn’t provide hands-on form corrections for exercises you haven’t performed. Also, there may be technical difficulties that interrupt a session.

But we’ve found is that we’re still able to maintain the intimacy of the experience and the quality of the service virtually. Numerous of our clients have told us that they were uncomfortable with the idea of virtual training initially, but now they love having it as part of their routine.

I’m sure We can all agree that NOT working out is not an option, especially when maintaining peak health is more important than ever. Although Virtual Sessions are a slightly different experience from In-person sessions, we’re confident it will be a fantastic experience.

No matter what, keep working out. And the best way to start or continue working out is with your Trainer and using a scientifically proven method to get results and help you get them safely.

Try it, Risk-Free!

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